Matthew next to Raven sculpture in the store.

Ravens Nest Treasure  Has been in this location for over 25 years. We took over from a woman who had a similar store here for 30 years.  The owner Matthew Steinbrueck is a Gemologist with a family connection to Native Americans.

We are called “Ravens Nest Treasure” because Ravens are known to bring treasures back to the nest.  Raven is an important figure in the traditions and mythology of the NW Coast Native people.  The Raven is known as a teacher and trickster helping people to learn important lessons about life.

At our store in Pike Place Market we have “All the Worlds Treasures in One Shop” . Treasures from many cultures with a focus on Asian and  NW Coast Native Art, and affordable quality jewelry.  The common theme is one of genuine quality and cultural authenticity.

“The Art of Gifting!”


Find your way to the Ravens Nest in Pike Place: